2233 N 7th St Phoenix, Arizona 85008
(480) 802-8100
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MARK Wagner Jr.

Born/raised: Born and raised in Cincinnati,Ohio. Lived there for 18 years and then went to college in St Louis Missouri. Moved to Phoenix in 2007.

Education: Bachelors of Exercise Science from St. Louis University Industry groups: Bryant Commercial Real Estate

Primary duties: Assist businesses locate spaces to lease or to purchase. I also work with investors to find properties to invest in such as multi-unit structures or shopping venues.

Favorite leisure activities:

My wife love touring the Phoenix area looking for local, unique coffee shops and other small businesses. I love to golf and bowl. I love travelling and visiting a wide variety of places

Personal accomplishment of which you are most proud:

Moving 3000 miles west and starting from scratch out here in Phoenix and building my real estate business.

Professional accomplishment of which you are most proud:

Growing my real estate every year over year since I have started in the industry.

What people don’t know about you: One of my favorite artists is Prince. And I help my wife run a French Macaron business.

Best business advice you’ve been given:

Always remain HUMBLE and Hungry! If you don’t fail, you are not trying hard enough!

Best business advice you’ve shared: You will fail and remember to pick yourself and persevere through the hard times!