Adrienne Bryant possesses the skills necessary to run a successful commercial real estate company: strategic planning, leadership, quality control, client relations, market analysis.

As Owner/Designated Broker of Bryant Commercial Real Estate, she also possesses a commitment to her company’s greatest assets: her employees. Adrienne is also a consultant for Franchise Me Next, which is under the BCRE umbrella.

“The BCRE team is committed to guiding our clients, as the franchiser/franchisee, through every facet of their real estate transaction from letter of intent through lease execution,” she says. “We go the extra mile, taking a holistic and collaborative approach with every client. Our 16-year history of representing business owners, as both buyers and sellers, has provided insight into the challenges they face.”

Adrienne’s duties include planning and executing research and development on commercial real estate sales and leasing projects. She identifies locations, develops and presents proposals, and creates financial analysis and projections. Adrienne also oversees improvements and construction budgets and provides updates and reports relating to the project. A native of California, Adrienne is a member of ICSC, a candidate for CCIM designation, and a board member of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce. She is a member of the Franchise Broker Association and is a Certified Franchise Broker. She co-owns BCRE with her daughter Jonvieve. Her favorite leisure activity? “I am working to define leisure – my leisure activity is work.” She has three children, two of whom are graduates of Arizona State University.

What people don’t know about her: “My first transaction was a mixed-use project for the National Association of Colored Women.”

The best business advice that someone has shared with Adrienne: “I have been blessed to have a wonderful inner circle. The best advice for me has been their support and encouragement when I thought about giving up.”

The best business advice she has to share: “Being in business takes courage, risk, tenacity. You have to begin each new day like it is your first day in business.”